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Table of contents
  1. Pedagogy
    1. What is the pedagogy of the resources found here?


Pedagogy is how we describe different methods, beliefs and attitudes towards teaching and learning. It could be what terms we use or which exercises we recommend or even the order in which we recommend them. It could be as fundamental as how vocal mechanisms physically work. This site aims to be fairly neutral. Additions to the site should stay consistent with that and the other resources. The goal is to offer the most effective, varied and safe information.

What is the pedagogy of the resources found here?

The way we vet resources is by asking these questions:

  1. does the method work and do what we claim it does most of the time and have a fairly long track record?
    • if yes:
  2. does it have risks of learning bad vocal health or behaviour?
    • if yes, are there reliable methods of avoiding these risks that are simple and able to be done by complete beginners, and is it unreasonable that someone would forgo these things or not be told about them?
    • if yes, we preface the method with how to avoid the risks, else we scrap it

Essentially, we want information and methods that work, and as long as there aren’t any risks associated with it, then that’s useful information.

If you experience any problems with any methods whether listed on the site or not, there’s a list here. We welcome any new information.