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List of Voice Communities

This is of course not exhaustive! Help us fill this out and add more information about the servers. Contact sumianvoice (gmail) to provide more info or servers or make a pull request. Be sure to add a description of what they do, don’t send private servers or servers that don’t want to be publicly listed. It is best to ask permission first.

Table of contents

Voice Art Project

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The main maintainers of this site, open voice community run by Sumi

  • has events and practice sessions
  • anyone can teach or hold events there
  • server maintainer (Sumi#7352) offers paid lessons and two free lessons a week randomly selected from an open pool
  • allows voice related advertising


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Huge community with regular events

  • singing, voice science discussion, linguistics, trans voice
  • server maintainers offer paid lessons


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Discord server associated with the r/TransVoice community.

  • fairly active community
  • no official voice teachers

Voice Training Emporium

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  • large voice community
  • no dedicated teachers

Scientifically Augmented Voice

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Community server where Savvy teaches.

  • workshops every month
  • auditable/public lessons every week (including recordings of past lessons)
  • offers private paid lessons

Fluid Voice Studio

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A volunteer-run educational support space focused on voice modification.

  • affiliate studio offers private paid lessons
  • the discord server is dedicated to peer support and mutual aid
  • fosters a safe learning environment for plural, neurodivergent and gender non-conforming students

Adi’s Nook

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  • regular workshops and recordings of past workshops
  • public lessons you can listen in on
  • offers private paid lessons

Alyssa’s Voice Training

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  • offers free and paid lessons
  • weekly free drop-in events on Sundays